The National Housing Strategy Act

Canada has recognized that the right to adequate housing is a fundamental human right affirmed in international law.

In 2019, Parliament passed the National Housing Strategy Act, which applies a human rights-based approach to the housing policy of the Government of Canada. The federal government estimates that over the next decade, this Act will assist 530,000 families with housing needs and cut chronic homelessness by 50%.

The Federal Housing Advocate will be a Governor in Council appointment, and will be supported and housed by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Once appointed, the Housing Advocate will monitor the implementation of federal housing policies, including the National Housing Strategy, and assess their impacts on people who are members of vulnerable groups, including those who have lived experience of housing need and homelessness.

Applying a human-rights lens, the Housing Advocate will also be responsible for monitoring and reporting on housing rights and systemic housing issues in Canada. This work includes analyzing and conducting research, initiating studies, and consultations. The Advocate will also receive submissions from the Canadian public on systemic housing issues.