Helping people find help

Our commitment to
those we serve

A human approach

We treat everyone with respect and dignity, recognizing the inherent humanity of the people we deal with, and listening actively and with empathy to the people we serve.

A flexible, case-by-case approach

We offer tailored services, remaining sensitive, using common sense when responding to and accommodating individuals’ needs, and adapting processes so that they are less bureaucratic.

The Commission tries to help each and every person who asks for help — no matter how that request reaches us.

This starts with determining whether a person has the basis of a human rights complaint and if so, whether the Commission is the right organization to help them.

In most cases, we are able to help people find the answers or solutions they need without them filing a formal discrimination complaint with the Commission. In many instances, we are able to help the person resolve their issue quickly and informally. In other cases, we direct the complainant to the appropriate organization. For example, sometimes a complainant’s concern is best addressed by provincial or territorial human rights Commissions, or other organizations that have been given the authority to resolve complaints. Only a fraction of the thousands of people who contact the Commission end up needing to file a discrimination complaint.

Each person is treated individually, frequently requiring follow-up and one-on-one conversations with a human rights officer. In cases when someone is in a vulnerable situation, the Commission takes measures to ensure they are helped as quickly as possible.